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Peka Rollshutters are the optimal solution for a variety of problems at your home, business, or cabin. You will find some of these benefits below and we are always available to provide a free consultation.
Peka Roll Shutters – for energy efficiency Our insulated aluminum curtains will block the heat or cold before it even enters your home.
Peka Roll Shutters – for wind and hail protection Our insulated aluminum curtains will protect your windows and doors from heavy wind, hail, and flying debris.
Peka Rollshutters – for light and noise Our insulated aluminum curtains will reduce noise transmission and darken a room better than almost any blackout curtain – the ideal solution for shift workers, migraine sufferers, and home theatres alike.
Peka Rollshutters – for security Our insulated aluminum curtains serve as both a deterrent and a barrier to vandalism and break-and-enter robberies, protecting windows and doors in a way that alarm systems can not.
Peka Rollshutters – for cabin security Our insulated aluminum curtains are an ideal lock-up solution, protecting your cabin from break-ins and severe weather.
Peka Rollshutters – for patio enclosures With wind ratings up to 300 km/hr and the ability to provide privacy and protection from the weather, rollshutters are an excellent patio solution.
Peka Rollshutters – easy to operate Peka Rollshutters can be controlled from inside OR outside your home using a wide selection of manual and motorized operators.
Peka Rollshutters – in color Peka Rollshutters are available in five standard colors: White, Beige, Brown, Silver, and Black. Custom colors are also available upon request.