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Peka Rollscreens are an ideal solution to provide shade, privacy, or window protection while still preserving your view. Rollscreens can be installed on patio openings, windows, or doors. Contact us for more information or a free consultation.
PRIVACY Rollscreens are an excellent way to provide your patio or pool area with privacy while preserving your view to the world.
WIND and BUG PROTECTION Rollscreens can provide shelter from the storm (and the bugs) while preserving your view and having the ability to open them up whenever you wish.
SUN PROTECTION Available in 3 different weave densities, Rollscreens can provide various levels of sun and heat protection, all controllable by the push of a button.
OPTIONS Rollscreens come in a variety of frame and curtain colors, and can be easily operated by manual or motorized controls.