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Peka Rollshutters are the optimal solution for a variety of problems at your home, business, or cabin. You will find some of these benefits below and we are always available to provide a free consultation.
Peka Rollshutters – For Vandalism Protection Our insulated aluminum curtains will protect your glass from breakage and other vandalism
Peka Rollshutters – For Security Our insulated aluminum curtains serve as both a deterrent and a barrier to vandalism and break-and-enter robberies, protecting windows and doors in a way that alarm systems can not.
Peka Rollshutters – For Seasonal Lock-up Our insulated aluminum curtains will secure your business when you gone for the season, protecting your windows and doors from break-ins or severe weather.
Peka Rollshutters – For Counter Enclosures Peka Rollshutters are an attractive and functional method to secure a counter opening or pass-through
Peka Rollshutters – For Energy Efficiency Our insulated aluminum curtains will block the heat or cold before it even enters your home.
Peka Rollshutters – For your Custom Project With over 35 years of experience designing and fabricating rollshutters for a variety of applications, Peka Rollshutters will be able to assist your custom project
Peka Rollshutters – Custom Made Peka Rollshutters are all custom-made, up to 20 feet wide, and can be built to withstand winds in excess of 300km/hr, making them the ideal solution to secure even the biggest storefronts or entryways.
Peka Rollshutters – In Color Peka Rollshutters are available in five standard colors: White, Beige, Brown, Silver, and Black. Custom colors are also available upon request.
Peka Rollshutters – Easy to Operate Peka Rollshutters can be controlled from the interior OR exterior of your building using a wide selection of manual and motorized operators.